Wednesday, 24 April 2013

@ Every one ! France of tomorrow second full previz with sound.

This is my new previz with the changes that every one suggested in the last post.  If I can get people to tell me what they think that will help .  Also I would  like to know if the animation works so I can start rendering.  
Thanks  Aidan .


  1. Hey Aidan, it's already looking far better with the changes. A few suggestions regarding animation improvement.

    - The bike scene could do with some smoothing out in terms of animation. They enter the scene quite slowly and then towards the end suddenly move faster and scale down to an odd size. I would suggest just going into the graph editor and refining the movement of this animation a bit.

    - The helicopter machine in the second scene also has a strange change of pace and movement. Again, try smoothing out the graph editor a bit and it'll look much more organic.

    - In terms of transitions. Maybe add some wobbly movement to the pieces when they lift out of the scene etc. This will add to the theatrical effect you are after.

    Keep going with this stuff, it's looking great and these final changes will help push it further.

  2. Morning Aidan,

    Your opening still needs more finesse - much better font and the design is good. However, you need to give everything a bit more breathing room.

    So, consider - start with blank 'sepia' background for about 3 seconds; then we here the old record go on and the hiss for about another 2 seconds and then fade up the font ( fade lasts 2 secs) - let us look at the title for 3 secs - then fade title (2 secs) then cross dissolve. These are just suggested times, but my point is that you need it to feel more confident and assured and you need to give the audience time to get into your space. Obviously this feedback doesn't effect rendering, but file it for later.

    In the plane/tray of wine section, I don't like the way the small airship just stops in the sky a few secs before it moves out of the scene - I suggest you keep it moving right until it leaves the scene - keep it fluid and don't let it appear to pause or anticipate the transition of the scene.

    If you're going to use 'Fin/The End' it makes more sense to have this as the first title card when the music finishes - as opposed to using the title card twice. In regard to your credits, they're a bit scruffy in terms of layout; can you find a better alignment and also get all of it on one page? Make everything smaller if necessary. Personally, I don't think you need all that 'follow me' stuff either - because you would include that info on whatever platform the film was showcased on. All those credits just give your film a scruffy finish - people's interest will be over at the moment they see the 'The End'.

    Okay - again - this isn't about the visual content: your various soundscapes all need more creative thinking - so I really want you to think about all the other smaller sounds that will bring everything to life; bird song in the outside scenes, waters sounds and waves crashing, people talking etc. I also want you to think about creating a sound texture or identity to accompany the sliding in and out of the scene elements - it could be a mechanical sound, like something slotting into place, mechanisms moving - try and think of it as being like the noise the transformers make when they transition - though obviously nothing like that in terms of the effect. There is a pleasure in seeing the scenes shift around, but I'd suggest some sound effects here would accentuate the fun of these moments.

    Finally - it does seem as if the barbershop scene is more 'blown out' in terms of lighting and colour than all the others - it feels over-lit and less 'vintage'.

    Keep going, Aidan - as you know, attention to detail and bringing everything together is key at this stage because it demonstrates that a student really understands the world they've made so just put all your visual decisions under proper scrutiny and don't be tempted to just think 'that'll do' - polish, polish, polish! :)