Tuesday, 23 April 2013

@ Everyone !

This is the first full previz. Can I get people to tell me what they think if possible, the play blast has an odd glitch with the texture so ignore it as that's just a technical glitch that only happens when play blasted, when rendered  it does not show. 


  1. The only things I would say is see if you can time the animation a little tighter with the music and maybe make the transitions from each scene a little faster.

  2. Good work Aidan! I was thinking maybe if you put the name of each painting up to give the viewers more context?? Just a thought

  3. Evening Aidan,

    Good stuff for getting this up on here for some final feedback and polish;

    I've got to be honest - I really don't like the title sequence very much; it feels a bit cheap and unlovely in a way that what follows doesn't - and I think you need to keep your own logo out of the mix, because it simply introduces another graphical language into the mix that has nothing to do with the design world you've worked so hard to establish. I don't like the way the text 'zooms' in to settle on the page. Why not keep things super simple and just have a nice aged font fade up on a vintage background; and why not find a lovely old image of the French flag as a background and then desaturate it a bit. I also think you should consider finding a better font - I know you can't install fonts at UCA, but this could be a job for post-production at home. What I'm really telling you is that your title sequence needs as much thought, consideration and love as everything else that follows - and you're not there yet.

    I don't like the way the light beam from the light house also 'drops' off the screen as if it's a component like the other bits of the scene; I suggest you keep it where it is but just fade the beam out (as if it's going out) as the scene changes around it.

    The plane + chef scene - the actions pauses too long after the plane leaves the scene and the transition begins; as soon as the tail of the plane leaves the frame, get everything moving.

    The spinning dolphin doesn't work for me - especially as the whale craft appears to ram it! It might work better if it someplace else in the composition.

    In regards to the end, the cross dissolve feels weak; I suggest (as Justin suggested) that you time the end of the music to co-incide with the end of the whale sequence, so that the title card 'France of Tomorrow' appears 'bang!' on the end note of the music - as a real finish to the piece - and that the title card should just be stationary (as opposed to the words coming in again) - just 'bang' title card, followed by slow fade out to a sepia colour as the hissing and scratching of the record continues. Essentially, you need to shunt the end of the music track to the end of the whale scene, which means you might have to re-jig the beginning of the music at the beginning of the film, but I advise you to use the end of the music more powerfully in combination with the title card. It will feel instantly more confident and 'The End'.

    And finally - we've talked about it before, but I think that sound effects will really help your worlds come to life - that is sounds in addition to the music; so the sound of light chatter and snipping of scissors in the barbershop, the sound of a propellor plane as it zooms past the chef etc. You will need to be subtle and you will need to design these accompany sound effect mixes, but I think doing so will add another layer of charm to your piece. What do you think?

  4. Hi Aiden,

    I am not sure about the crackling in your title and credit sequence it feels a bit out of place in my opinion

    I think Phil has pretty much covered the main issues but I have to agree the title sequence stands out most of what is lacking right now

    On a positive note though I love what you have done with each segment especially with the whale! because I know you were worried about how you were going to do that but feel you have pulled that off

    To sum up A bold and brave start with some issues that need attention but Well Done this is becoming something incredibly exciting Aiden! :)