Monday, 7 February 2011

La Jetee, By Aidan Codd

La Jetee,
Chris Marker , 1962.
By Aidan Codd.

(Figure 1 resolve the DVD case)

The story of La Jetee is about a group of scientists trying to go back in time to warn people about the nuclear explosion that will happen. They use a man for this test because he has a strong memory of the past, the end of the film unfortunately leads to the man’s failure and death.

La Jetee is one of those films you may have to watch again because there is a lot going on. The film is entirely made out of stills and created ‘the French New Wave’ (Carter ,2003) it was interesting to see in comparison to films now ,it's slow but it keeps your attention going and ‘the essential story is projected in surprising detail for such a short piece.’ (Cannon, 1997) mainly seen on the man with his eyes covered with the device which you can see in ‘figure 2’ it's just a perfect example of how basic but effective visual communication has been used to tell the story , and it's one of those few films that  ‘is a prime example of why less is often more.’  (Lorefice, 2003) you can definitely see from looking at ‘figure 2’ that something bad has gone on,  and that  there is some sort of new technology being used .

(Figure 2 is one of the stills of the man with his eyes covered)


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Figure 2 is one of the stills of the man with his eyes covered,
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  1. Again - great to see you working on these sensibly and in the rhythm of the daily routine; I still want to see a bit more analytical ambition from you and a few more words etc (and a slightly more formal tone), but this is all encouraging - and my eyes thank you! :D