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Rope, By Aidan Codd

Rope by Alfred Hitchcock , 1948

By Aidan Codd.

(Figure 1 of the DVD cover)

The story of Rope is about two guys who have killed their supposed friend with a rope, they then place the body in a trunk and celebrate the perfect murder. The film ends with one of their friends working out what's happened, and the end shot is all of them waiting to be arrested as the police are on their way to building.

The story to me was a bit odd, there didn't seem to be a purpose for why they killed him ‘It is entirely confined to the murder apartment of two male dilettantes, intellectual morons who commit what they believe to be the perfect crime, then celebrate the deed’ (Variety staff , 1947) that was all the story was. Other than that the film was brilliantly made because it used a continuous shot with no editing ‘one of the most interesting experiments ever attempted by a major director working with big box-office names’ (Ebert, 1984) and the effect works it felt like a theatre, and the reason I have chosen ‘figure 2’is to show you how the team had to work , and how complicated it was to get the effect Hitchcock wanted. ‘the very muted colour scheme that Hitch used for the sets and costumes helps keep the bleed to a minimum’ (Hafidason ,2007) and it's quite effective seeing a film that's more of a theatrical performance than a film performance , it gives you a whole new experience and way of filming. And because of its film technique you can't see it being filmed any other way.

(Figure 2 is of the crew filming)


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