Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Shining by Aidan Codd

The Shining, Stan Kubrick 1980,
By Aidan Codd.

‘Figure 1 is a movie poster of the shining.’

The story of the shining was very interesting, it is about a family that have to look after a resort in the mountains, after hearing about a previous family in the past whose husband went mad and killed the family and himself. The family end up recreating the same scenario only the mum and the son escape leaving the father to freeze to death.
The film was very interesting because it works on a level of insanity, questioning the actions of the Family, all the individuals for example the father, was he going insane due to the intense cabin fever? Or was it a twist using the paranormal activity of the location converted him into the same spirit who previously killed his family? Other than the script being questioned the overall performance ‘of a man going mad’ (Dirks , 2000) IT really worked, due to the fact that they were in a remote location and have all the time in the world. The amazing thing about this film is that you see the days pop out on the screen as subtitles, and you can feel the tension is building up continuously knowing that something is going to happen one morning. Unfortunately as horror goes ‘he only killed one person and fails miserably in stalking his family’ (Justice ,2005), on the other hand to see the man breakdown was probably more scary than seeing gruesome deaths. Also there was a lot of great scenes in the corridors of the boy riding his tricycle around the hotel and seeing these two twin ghost girls, it was probably the best shot to summon up the tension in this film as seen in ‘figure 2’.

‘Figure 2 is a screenshot of the boy riding his tricycle in the halls encountering the twin ghost girls’.

Figure 1 is a movie poster of the shining :
(Accessed on 16.1.2011)

Figure 2 is a screenshot of the boy riding his tricycle in the halls encountering the twin ghost girls :
(Accessed on 16.1.2011)


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