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Eraserhead by Aidan Codd

Eraserhead ,
David Lynch, 1976,
By Aidan Codd.

‘Figure 1 is an image of Eraserhead poster’

Eraserhead head is a very deep surreal story about a man's phobia of a relationship, and just generally coping with life. You see the man go through hell and as he has to conquer all of his fears at once. You see the man have to deal with a disturbing image of what they classed as a baby as seen in, ‘figure 2’ as well as the baby ‘while there are some stark and shocking moments, they are floating in an undisciplined exercise in experimentation. Converted arrest of Lynch's work this is a crude assemblage of ideas that would be used in a far greater effect’ (Haflidason , 2007).  As well as that you have a black-and-white nightmare of a creepy horror and anxiety. ‘With its profoundly disturbed  ambient sound design of industrial groaning, as if filmed inside some collapsing factory’ (Bradshaw ,2000)
,  which helps drive the audience into an instant dislike to the film. It is a strange and messed up surreal location, but as a film thats meant to give you a pure feeling of a phobia of relationships it works effectively. The effects of the film may affect individuals differently, but the sound track used in my opinion  is definitely the one characteristic in the film along with the baby as seen in ‘figure 2’that I feel  will stay with people after seeing Eraserhead and will be the most remembered part of the film.

‘Figure 2 is a screenshot in Eraserhead of the baby’


all illustrations were found on 23.12.2010
Figure 1 is an image of Eraserhead poster

Figure 2 is a screenshot in Eraserhead of the baby
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