Thursday, 20 January 2011

Blue velvet by Aidan Codd

Blue Velvet, David Lynch, 1986
review by Aidan Codd.

‘Figure 1 is a poster of blue Velvet’

Blue Velvet was a strange story set in a made up time period in America, and starts off with a peaceful image of a picket fence and some roses, as seen in ‘figure 2’ the location looks peaceful and happy until you realise that it's filled with an underground crime with cover-ups and conspiracies.
David Lynch has a way with him which seems ‘it is easy to finish one of his films and have no real idea of what actually happened’ (Brewster, 2005) and this is definitely one of those films thats in this category. All the film has you doing is questioning what is going on but I believe the opening was the oddest part of the film. ‘opens with a colourful picture postcard vision of small town America, set to the strains of the eponymous song. It seems so safe, so welcoming. Yet, by the time Lynch replays this sequence at the end of the film, we know that underneath this façade lies a terrifying reality.’ (Russell ,2001) As seen in ‘figure 2’, I believe that image in ‘figure 2’what starts the film and ends definitely given to you that sense of confusion, being 100% fake and unrealistic putting a surreal atmosphere over the whole storyline which really gives an uncanny feel overall.

‘Figure 2 is screenshot of the starting and ending sequence of the film’

Figure 1 is a poster of blue Velvet :

Figure 2 is screenshot of the starting and ending sequence of the film :


Jamie Russell , 2001 :
Mat Brewster , 2005 :

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