Thursday, 20 January 2011

Repulsion by Aidan codd

 by Roman Polanski
1965 review
By Aidan Codd.

‘Figure 1 is a poster of repulsion’

Repulsion by Roman Polanski is about a young woman who has had a bad past experience with her father and as a result of the effect from this she decides not to trust any men she encounters in her life. In the film she sees her sister leave to go on holiday and is left in the hotel alone where they live, as a consequence of being left alone the sister slowly gets paranoid about men attacking and ends up killing a man who likes her. She also ends up killing the landlord of the hotel in self defence when he attacks her. The end shot of the film is her collapsing in shock with her sister returning home from holiday finding her on the bedroom floor.
 In the film the main shot is of the woman going to work or in the hotel room. The way the film has been shot, it gets very close to the character allowing the viewer to connect with the character. The performance of the woman losing her mind in the hotel room is quite believable, the way in which she performs losing her mind was by leaving food on the table and feeling trapped gives you an amazing feeling of being alone and with no help from anyone. As well as the long corridor shots are seen in ‘figure 2’, Roman Polanski ‘He understands the perversions formed from such relations and translates them into visions that are erotic, disturbing, humorous and, most important, allegorical in their potency’. (Morgan ,1998) you can see it in figure 2 as well as that you can also see ‘Polanski's adeptness at turning claustrophobic space into an emotional minefield’(Collection, 2009)  by the simple angle of the off-peak camera as well as the lighting is seen in ‘figure 2’ it gives a very uncanny feel along with a trapped and abandon feeling.

‘Figure 2 is a screenshot of the woman in the hotel room scared’

Figure 1 is a poster of repulsion :
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Figure 2 is a screenshot of the woman in the hotel room scared :
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