Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Haunting by Aidan Codd

The Haunting, Robert wise 1963 
By Aidan Codd.

‘Figure 1 is of the movie poster.’

The film ‘ The haunting 1963’ had a intense slow paced story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with its subtle surroundings in a old Victorian style house dominating over the surroundings of this new England suburbs as seen in ‘ Fig 2 ’ . The story is of a group of people who have gone to the Victorian house called hill house, and have to investigate it for paranormal activity. They encounter quite a bit of activity, of doors opening and shutting, banging throughout the house, laughter and the main woman Emile becoming possessed with the obsession of staying forever in Hill house and never leaving. You see Emile at the end getting really over demanding to want to stay and ends up dying whiles trying to leave the gates of hill house in a car crash.

The story of the haunting isn’t complicated and ‘is happy to throw up a confusing array of questions while failing to provide answers.’ (Haflidason ,2000). The acting wasn't believable throughout the film, on the other hand ‘As it stands, if The Haunting is quality horror, Hellraiser is a completely believable, realistic drama.’ (Sponseller, 2001) and the sets used like the Hill house were quite realistic and did give an authentic haunted house as seen in ‘figure 2’.

Fig 2 of Hill House.

Figure 1 is of the movie poster :
(Accessed on: 26. 12. 2010)

Fig 2 of Hill House :
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Brandt Sponseller, 2001 :
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