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Rosemary's baby by Aidan Codd

Rosemary's baby Roman Polanski
review ,1968
by Aidan Codd.

‘figure 1 is a poster of Rosemary's baby’
Rosemary's baby is a very religious based film, it is about a newlywed with a child on the way, that she believes witches are trying to get, which turns out to be true and you see her with Satan's child at the end of the film just looking at the child excepting it for what it is. Rosemary's baby is very similar to ‘repulsion’it's similar in the style of story, of a woman losing her mind as it's based in a hotel room. It's not much of a surprise being filmed by the same director Roman Polanski, it ‘has been said that the film, concerned with the presence of evil surroundings using the alienated, every-day, mundane city environment,’ (Dirks , 2010)  for starters it is an ‘apartment building that serves as another horror film character, with its dark hallways and creepy environments.’ (Dirks , 2010)that  make’s it work for a sinister upbringing of the son of Satan as you can see ‘figure 2’. The film was very peculiar because it wasn't filmed at a fast pace and it panned across the scenes for long periods of time. Even though it shots were slow and the film went on for over an hour,  your attention was continuous throughout the film building up more and more in anticipation with the unknown elements that was used in the dark hallways and the off-peak angles in the hotel room. ‘Polanski’s camerawork and Richard Sylbert’s production design transformed the realistic setting’ (Bozzola , 2011) as you can see in ‘figure 2.

‘Figure 2 is a screenshot of Rosemary in the hotel room’

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figure 1 is a poster of Rosemary's baby :
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Figure 2 is a screenshot of Rosemary in the hotel room :
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