Thursday, 25 November 2010

The wizard of OZ 1939 review

The wizard of OZ 1939 review by Aidan Codd.

The film is about a girl called Dorothy who lives on a farm in Kansas, she tries to run away but ends up getting stuck in a tornado that knocks her out. While she is asleep she has a dream of a colourful land called Oz, in her dream her house lands on and kills the wicked witch of the east, the witch has ruby slippers on her feet which then suddenly appear on Dorothys feet. The witch has a sister who is called the witch of the west, she finds out what has happened and is furious with Dorothy. Dorothy is told the only way she can get back home is to travel to the Emerald City where the wizard lives and he will be able to help her. She stars her journey and meets a scarecrow that wants a brain, a tin man that wants a heart and a lion that wants courage, so all these characters join Dorothy on her journey. When they get to the wizards castle they are told that the wizard will only see them if they kill the witch of the west. They set off to find the witch but the witch captures Dorothy and takes her to her castle. So the lion, scarecrow and tin man have to get to the castle and rescues Dorothy. While doing this, the witch comes in on them helping Dorothy and sets light to the scarecrow, Dorothy throws a bucket of water over the scarecrow but it hits the witch as well and she melts. They return to the Emerald City to the wizard and he rewards them with their wishes except Dorothy, he tells her he has a hot air balloon that she can get home in, but the balloon with the wizard in gets blown away by accident. Dorothy is crying then the good witch of the North appears and tells her to tap her heels together and wish that she was home. Dorothy then wakes up in her room with her family around her and is glad that she is home and that it was all a dream.
The use of the black and white shots of the farm were very dramatic in the way it made it look boring and dull in Dorothys world and helps explains why she wanted to go somewhere nice. Then you have Oz with the town that flooded with colour and flowers, its the complete opposite to Kansas. You see other parts of Oz where they have used the yellow brick road vivid colour for depth throughout the landscape,  in the sense of the yellow brick road that disappears into the distance over mountains and past the vanishing point. Also the Emerald City shows a great use of colour and depth showing a glorious colourful city.      
Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home.

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