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The dark crystal review 1982

The dark crystal review 1982 By Aidan Codd

The story of the dark crystal is about two sets of creatures  the Mystics and the Skeksis. The Skeksis are vulture like creatures who have control of the crystal which has extraordinary powers. The Mystics are like turtles but with tails and have hair. The film starts with both the tribes leaders dying, in the Mystics village there is a creature called a Gelfling who has been raised by the Mystics and is  asked to go on a quest to destroy the crystal by the dying leader. So the Gelfling goes to an old woman of the tribe and she gives him a shard of the dark crystal, just then they get attacked by the Skeksis   guards that are after the Gelfling because it is said in a prophecy that a Gelfling will destroy the crystal. He runs into the forest  and meets a female Gelfling, they go to the Skeksis castle where they combine the shard of crystal with the main crystal, then Mystics and the Skeksis form together and a new creature  appears and then it explains that they had control of the crystal but became  reckless and it split, then they had split and had become the Mystics and Skekis , and thats how it ends.
What I really liked about the film was the design of the buildings from the Skeksis castle , the Mystics houses , and the forest peoples house’s they were beautifully designed and well thought through. The castle that the Skeksis lived in was very dark and sinister but very ornate giving a very royal impression indicating authority and power. The Mystics houses are relaxing and very tranquil and reflects the attitude of the Mystics. The forest peoples houses  are designed to blend in with the surroundings of the forest it worked well because it reflected their connection with nature. Over all the story was quiet good, the ending was foreseeable but the set detail and design made up for the story over all.      

It’s not just the creatures related to the story either. The small touches from the little rats roaming the castle to the variety of fantastical critters near the water all bring this to life in every corner of the screen. It’s that level of detail which makes this not just something to look at, but convincing.

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