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Avatar extended edition 2009 review

Avatar extended edition 2009 review
By Aidan Codd .

Avatar the film starts off with a paralysed ex marine called Jake Sulley who lives on earth in a small house with nothing and ends up getting sent to a planet called Pandora. Jake has a twin brother that gets killed but due to his twin brothers death it gives him a chance to become an avatar controller that is done through a machine that links your mind to the avatar. Jakes twin brother had been having an avatar grown for him that was linked to his DNA and because Jake was his twin his DNA matched the avatar also.  The first time Jake uses the avatar on Pandora  he goes out into the jungle with a group of other avatar controllers, he gets separated from them but meets one of the natives that are called the Na’vi. Jake lives with the Na’vi and they give him the chance to become one of their tribe. He goes through intense training and everything he is learning about the Na’vi  he is documenting for scientists to research back at the base. The more Jake lives with the Na’vi he becomes more connected to them and their beliefs and more against his own kind who are on Pandora to extracted the minerals from the planet but in doing so will destroy the Na’vis sacred tree which is their home. The general from the base attacks the Na’vis home tree, but Jake helps to defend the Na’vis home but a lot of Na’vi are killed and their home gets destroyed, the Na’vi turn on Jake believing that he has tricked them and so he becomes an outcast. Jake gets help from the people who control the other avatars on the base and they help plan an attack for the humans when they come back. Jake wins the Na’vis trust again and together they fight and win the battle with the humans and make them leave Pandora and ban them from coming back. In the end the Na’vi tell Jake that if he wants to he can fuse together with the avatar forever and become a Na’vi which he chooses because now he could walk and run again which he couldn’t do in his own body.        
The film was great, it had a great storyline, I thought the end was predictable but only when you get near to the end of the film, the backgrounds and all the animals where amazingly thought through. The main thing in the film that I liked were the floating mountains, I loved all the detail  of them, the waterfall and the roots of the vines creeping out of the rock and looping around them, they were really well designed and they gave you a sense of scale and depth.

One of the most beautiful and memorable images in the movie Avatar is the scene where the characters are flying to a new area on Pandora and fly through what are known as the Hallelujah Mountains, mountains that literally float in mid-air.

The story is set on Pandora, a lush planet that is home to an indigenous humanoid species of ten foot tall, blue creatures called the Na'Vi. The relationship between the nature-worshipping, tribal Na'Vi and the industrialist, expansionist humans is fra

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