Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Barbarella 1968 Review

Barbarella 1968 Review by Aidan Codd.

The story of Barbarella is about an intergalactic space officer, who has been hired to investigate into the conspiracy that a planet in her galaxy is going to start a war. Barbarella ends up crashing onto the planet, while exploring the area she ends up under the planets surface and meets the people who live there, they help her get to the palace and so she can try to stop the queen from declaring war. She gets to the palace but gets captured, she manages to escape and with help from the rebels  they get her to the Queens chambers, but one of the Queens aids who said would help Barbarella tricks Barbarella and imprisons her and the Queen in the Queens chambers. The aid then tries to start a war himself. The Queen gets annoyed and pulls a doomsday lever that is in her chamber, and destroys the planet herself , then the Queen and Barbarella escape by flying off in a bubble.I think the story was not very  well thought  through, but the scene that I thought was the best was when Barbarella meets the local people and they help her get to the palace and to do so she gets picked up by an angel and he flies her over a labyrinth that looked quit amazing how it was done, due to its detail and perspective of the way it looked, it gave the impression that it went on forever up towards the palace, and here is are some other reviews  I found.

The story is set ridiculously far into the future, around 40,000 A.D. War no longer exists, the Universe is unified and all about love - again, very 1960s.

dooms weapon.

It has neat sets and costumes and that groovy sense of challenging conventions that characterizes so many films of the late 60s

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