Sunday, 5 May 2013

@ everyone , Fully rendered animation.

This is my fully rendered animation , what I want to know is do the extra sound effects work ?  eg the motor bike sound. More pacifically: Are they too loud or not loud enough?, Do I  need more and if so any suggestions ? I know that everyone is super busy but this is just some last  fine tweaking before next Friday (hand in day).  



  1. Aidan - Did you render out your animation at a different frame rate to premiere project? 24fps and 25fps for example. There is a stutter as it plays?

  2. Hi Aidan - yep, it does stutter... I'll circle back and talk sound a bit later...

  3. The animation was rendered out at 25fps on all the programs, what it is that you may be seeing is the film flicker effect that I created and put on top of the animation, to give a projected film feel. If you watch the animation again you can see the lines and dust effect very faintly in the film. I will post a version without the effect for you to compare and comment. Thanks for the feedback.