Monday, 8 April 2013

Whale test.

Today I started putting all the scenes togerther and started animating. Images below are test renders.

 photo newtest4_zps28310db0.jpeg  photo newtest3_zps45204d5a.jpeg  photo newtest2_zps1a5b4914.jpeg  photo newtest1_zps354f0f8a.jpeg  photo w8_zpsccef07f3.jpeg


  1. Hey Aidan,

    Glad to see things are coming together for you. You may want to bring a bit more animation into the tale of the wale. At the moment it feels very limited. Possibly use deformers to get some curvature into the movement. Keep it up though, things are looking great.

  2. Thanks Jordan for your comment, ill add the deforner to the rig for the second test.