Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Previz stage 1.

The previz had some problems play blasting as some of the objects kept flickering due to the textures of the objects being a high level , making the graphic card work twice as much when play blasting, so if you see any textures flicker this is the reason why. The images below show each scene rendered so far. 

 photo worksofars1_zps162e4259.jpeg  photo worksofars2_zps289a6c2c.jpeg  photo worksofars3_zps291a179a.jpeg  photo worksofars4_zps4c1c797f.jpeg  photo worksofars5_zps482f10e1.jpeg  photo worksofars6_zps297f9074.jpeg  photo screenshot_zps4bfe5bbf.jpg


  1. I think you need to speed up the transitions between scenes.

    Also - the shot of plane flying past the balcony is slightly peculiar because the perspective has gone a bit funny. It looks like the plane is actually really small!

  2. Okay - I think the transitions DO need to be more accelerated and punchy; the transition between the bikes and helicopter for example; as soon as the new scene is in place, get the helicopter entering the scene - don't leave us looking at an empty frame. I also think the ground plane (from the bike scene) needs to whip away more quickly. As a general rule, you should probably give yourself a 'transition time rule' - i.e. you've got five seconds to establish your scenes, and you keep to that same duration for every transition. Another rule - as soon as the principle maya object leaves the scene, start the transition to the next scene - and always ensure that the next object is entering the scene as quickly after the transition sequence is over - everything should feel as if it's in constant motion - with no one left looking at an empty scene.