Monday, 4 February 2013

New ways of putting together my animation.

I have been looking at ways to put together the animation. Alan suggested I look into adding more illustrations into the piece and cut the time to a minute So I chose six images that will play for 10 seconds each making a minute.  Alan showed me the Furry Animal video : Its not the end of the world, and the Apache by Ned Wenlock & Rodney Selby video. The way in which both videos cut to the next segment inspired the way I wanted to cut my clip . After trying to sink the photos into an order that worked I then started looking at ways to sink the clips. The idea I liked as seen in the YouTube clip of the colour squares, this  is the way that I imagined the clip working.
If you imagine  each colour is an illustration, as the illustration is playing after ten seconds the clip rotates , but not in any direction but in contrast to the illustrations ,eg the blimp will turn up so the whale image will appear that you are going under the water to see it.
After working that out I went back to looking at the style of animating and Phil and Jordon, showed me some video’s that show a similar style and effects that I may consider adding to the animation. I also looked at the artist Richard Yot and the pieces that he has created.

The images are sketches of me working things out and some quick rendered test in maya for ideas.

 photo IMG_zps7b60b2a4.jpg  photo IMG_0001_zps5e8d70a8.jpg  photo IMG_0002_zps949fd66f.jpg  photo IMG_0003_zps5d664a91.jpg  photo 4_zpse7388c42.jpeg  photo 1_zps05325fe9.jpeg  photo 2_zps05439f2c.jpeg  photo 3_zps4d3807e8.jpeg  photo 5_zpsa2091e0b.jpeg  photo testideaofblimp_zps698a5a5a.jpeg

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