Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Animatic test part 2.

I looked at the way  in which I could create the idea from the last post .  The drawings show a sketch of how I imagined the pieces working .  There is a drawing of the machine that will be used as a template in maya. I also drew  a quick story board of how the animation will work (will remake). The you tube clip of  the band Stone Sour shows a version  of hiding the 2D elements with the 3D . (you don’t need to listen to the music it wont make a difference ).  My animatic uses a maya model and the illustration of the image , the timing needs work but the idea is there of how it is going to flow.

   photo IMG_0001_zpsaec6a071.jpg  photo IMG_0002_zpse76ab0f3.jpg  photo IMG_0003_zps790f123f.jpg

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