Sunday, 24 February 2013

My work so far.

I have been testing different lighting and textures on the models as seen in the images below, I have also shown the postcard paintings by Jean-Marc Côté at the bottom of this post to show the comparison between the painting to the CG.

 photo 1_zps7d35d290.jpeg  photo 2_zpsbb9a4f8c.jpeg  photo 3_zps65eb6b22.jpeg  photo 5_zpse057d6ef.jpeg  photo 6_zps25df303a.jpeg  photo 7_zpsdfa7326d.jpeg  photo 8_zpsd22b223c.jpeg  photo 9_zpsde930946.jpeg  photo 10_zpsa9ea863c.jpeg  photo 12_zps220003db.jpeg  photo 13_zps5a7dc089.jpeg  photo 14_zps8312ddc9.jpeg  photo 16_zps42f04085.jpeg  photo 17_zps27be3b93.jpeg  photo 18_zps01f2e40a.jpeg  photo 19_zps7048092c.jpeg  photo newbike3_zps5c7882ab.jpeg  photo newbike2_zpsab9b65e7.jpeg
 photo an-2000-1910-illustration-08_zps3a338d83.jpg  photo an-2000-1910-illustration-22_zpsf9190bf7.jpg  photo an-2000-1910-illustration-23_zps2a28f2ec.jpg  photo CATERS-Future-Visions-15-jpg_143831_zps32d0d33e.jpg  photo an-2000-1910-illustration-17_zps18ef619d.jpg  photo CATERS-Future-Visions-01-jpg_150445_zps0976bae6.jpg

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  1. Hi Aidan,

    Just a gentle reminder re. activating your Dropbox invite before Monday's Live Commission Speed Paint launch... cheers! :)