Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bike previz test 1.

 photo 12_zps99597c6d.jpeg  photo 14_zps77cf29d3.jpeg  photo 16_zpsfd6f4fb0.jpeg  photo 17_zpsae3b797c.jpeg  photo 18_zps9b5c35de.jpeg  photo 19_zpse4eb1db0.jpeg  photo 20_zps39109b11.jpeg  photo 21_zps62b024fb.jpeg  photo 23_zpsbcbe84a8.jpeg  photo 24_zpsb087e035.jpeg  photo 25_zpsdd7f54bd.jpeg  photo 26_zps93adb340.jpeg

1 comment:

  1. already rather charming, Aidan! And for me, the cut out people are gelling fine with the 3d components.