Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New ending idea for Bronze Ballet play blast test 1

With new Designers coming up I have been working on a new ending for my Minor Project "The Bronze Ballet" as well as getting business cards designed and creating two (art of) books. So far I have been re-animating the ending of the Bronze Ballet, as well as tweaking the odd scene. The new ending clip is a combo of the original clip with added play blast that I have created over the last week. There is no sound on this clip, the sound will be like the original only slightly tweaked. To see the original clip click the image of the Bronze Ballet image on the left hand side or click this link : http://aidancodd.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Minor%20Project 

 photo newstoryboardalltogetherbkoutline2_zpscd966a94.jpg  photo NewCut_Shot_Angle2_zps87c95aa4.jpeg
  photo NewCut_Shot_Angle_zps30ef2e82.jpeg 

 photo New_Business_Cardidea3_zpsed7986c9.jpg  photo New_Business_Card_idea_2_FT_zps249add75.jpg  photo New_Business_Card_idea_1_FT_zps07130bb5.jpg  photo New_Business_Card_idea_3_FT_zps663039ea.jpg  photo New_Business_Card_idea_1_BK_zpsef8de14f.jpg

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