Monday, 21 January 2013


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I went to the Manston museum and the Hurricane and Spitfire museum 19-1-2013. The reason for the visit was to transcribe from a piece that was on display, to be used in the museum to gather more interest or To use multiple items to create an animation. 

So I took photos of the museum with permission ,(as seen in slide show.) I then looked at the photos and started thinking of ways to transcribe them. 

The idea I had came from the photos of the mannequin of the mum and boy in the house, as well as the photos of the gas masks and destroyed buildings.

 My idea is that you have a mum and a boy in a old 1940's London house where you see both of them wearing gasmasks because the mum has a paranoid fear that the Germans might gas or invade London, So the mum and the boy both wear a gasmasks at all times. The mum also keeps the boy in plain sight so she can keep him safe.

 The story was to have both the mum and the boy talking about why the boy cannot leave the house and play, and the mum tells facts in the conversation why she wants him to stay in the house. Sadly the siren goes off and they both get out when the mum has to go back to turn the stove off you then hear a boom and then it ends. 

The style of the piece was to have the animation be the same as WWII poster art. the idea is to keep the feel of the posters and have the similar style of comedy like the tv show Dads Army where you have serious topics but with jokes or play on the conversation.

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  1. Hey Aidan,

    I don't want to clip your wings, but I'm thinking about a 'mother and a child' and all the modelling/animation duties etc. and the time available to you - and I'm just thinking 'don't do it!'. I want you to build on the strengths of your previous project - an environment, but with opportunities to enliven it with targeted animation - giving you the time to think about your filmic story-telling and your screen craft and the quality of everything you produce. Come and find me and we'll have a chat.