Monday, 8 October 2012

First anamatic test.

This is an anamatic   of the story board on the last post. the story is still the same (the painting comes to life and the propellers  start  spinning  around then in the distance  you see black lines growing towards the propellers , the propellers  start to fly but get attacked by the lines which seem to crush them,  the lines then  drop them , the camera then backs away back out of the painting.)
the black lines represent the bombing and destruction that is approaching  from the German forces  that were bombing the Dunkirk evacuation, the painting is set in a French harbour  that Edward Wadsworth was not in at the time but  could  hear  the bombing from   England .  The music is represented by  the  artist love for painting machines and objectivity which  is a term that gives personality to objects , so the  music is very  avant-garde to blend with this world of Wadsworth.   

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