Monday, 16 April 2012

A play blast of the bar by Aidan Codd.

This is the way I want to render the bar, what do people think does it work? Please let me no. 


  1. This is good Aiden!

    But for me some of the room feels a bit symmetrical especially behind the bar so I only just moving some of the shelves along or trying some more positions for the chairs e.g one more tucked than the other

    It is looking great :)

  2. Hey Aidan - you've got a frame-rate glitch here - that slight stutter on your panning is, I suspect, due to an inconsistency between the frame rate your exporting out with - and the frame rate you're using in Prem Pro. You need to make sure they are the same. Also - yes, Adam is right - it all looks a little sterile and 'placed' - and you need to introduce a bit of disorder into the arrangement of everything, or otherwise the curse of cgi will strike your environment down. Also - and I know this is more challenging, but there's a lack of 'dirt' and grime in the corners and meeting points between different surfaces. It just feels a bit too clinical at the moment - and maybe lighting - more moody, more enshadowed - will help with this too.

  3. Thanks for both the comments, I have mixed up the tables and chairs so they don’t face the same way, the lighting will make this place look better ,this was just a play blast so its super bright. I have also got to edit a smoother transition from the two cuts for the finale thing . As for the slight stutter that’s because it is a play blast so don’t worry it shouldn’t be jumpy when it’s finished (I hope) :)