Thursday, 8 March 2012

Some more concept ideas by Aidan Codd.

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  1. Hey Aidan - this is looking much more authoritative and convincing now. We've talked about this before, I know - but can you seek to 'tidy' your style a bit more? You've got this chalky, soft and diffuse style when you draw, which suggests that you're not varying your brushes much - while this 'cloudy' look is good for some things - impressionist environments - I don't think it's appropriate for this more real world stuff. Take a look at Sasha's recent posts re. her style; ignore the blatant 70s vibe and distorted buildings, it's the clean, cut-out style that I think you should consider: something a bit more tight and graphical - for example, in photoshop, take one of your images and use the 'cut out' filter for an example of how to accomplish something a bit 'tougher' and a bit more 'retro'... see how you get on - but as I say, this is all looking more focused and 'on message' now.