Thursday, 1 March 2012

A new concept idea for the pub by Aidan Codd

A new concept idea for the pub as well as a quick maya model to help show the space.

Photobucket Photobucket

1)A bar design that I like. 

 2), 3 ) and 4) is 1950s style chairs and tables that I liked .

 5) the mugs are very old fashioned and German. 

6) there are 2 number 6 in this image and they are some metal posters that would look good in the pub, the one with the woman with her dog is a German poster and the other 3 are common beer from that year.

 7) is a colour palet that will be used in the pub.

 8) is a 1950s ashtray.

 9) I like the window, brick work and wooden pillars in the pub. 

10) all the stuff in the background eg the barrel and bottles.


  1. This Great Aiden!

    Love the colour scheme here Aiden, very atmospheric

    Also the style feels nice and gives off the 50's vibe :)