Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some more ideas for my Viking character’s by Aidan Codd

my influence map looks at lord of the rings mainly for it fantasy theme. 

Below are ideas for the characters look and ideas for props.


  1. Hi Aidan,

    My first impression is that your hammer just looks too fiddly and spindly and decorative for your hero, who, let's face it, is defined by his bulk - it looks more 'Elvish' than 'Bearish'. I'd suggest your bear shape needs more bulk anyway - if he was more squarish, his props could be more obviously squarish too. At the moment, he just looks a bit too much like a teddy bear. I suggest you go back to assembling some simpler shapes to try and work him up into someone more obviously heroic.

  2. I agree with Phil entirely. Stick to you exploring your basic construction and shapes, and at the same time, introduce those shapes into your hammer. At the moment, your bear is formed of circles and squarish forms, while the hammer is square and triangular. Bears are all about primitive force, stability and power, so i would carry that kind of feel to your hammer.

  3. And regarding his armour, really use the shapes to accentuate the bear beneath, so that he looks even stronger wearing them. Perhaps more rigid leather/plate, rather than mail. Bears dont have a lot of manual dexterity, owing to their clumsy paws, so if they were able to manufacture armour, it would probably be rather crudely constructed and decorated.