Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My new idea for my viking story by Aidan Codd

I had a talk with Justin and he suggested that I change the idea of a wolf as the hero but have it as the villain. Justin also advised that until I have definitely thought of a name I should not name the characters, and that the names I used for my last idea sounded too much like sidekicks. 

 So I started thinking what parts of the story I could keep and what should go. The first thing that could stay is that one of Odin’s wolves drinks from the fountain of wisdom and turns into the villain. Justin said if I am going with animal/ human hybrids I should have a big strong creature that can go into the hero archetype.
So I looked at a bear as the hero for his strength and size. As a sidekick I looked at a dragon for its fantasy feel and because it links in nicely with Viking Fantasy.

My new idea for my story

You have the villain (who may be a hybrid of a wolf/human) who drinks from the fountain of wisdom and decides to want to take over Midgard which is land of the giants. So the villain starts sending out these giants and they attack a small village but luckily they get stopped by the hero and the sidekick. (Hero may be a bear, sidekick may be a dragon) After they defend the town they set off to stop the villain from destroying any other villages. 

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  1. Okay - wolf as villain makes sense, and bear as hero feels right too; the dragon as sidekick might be a problem, because, if he's a dragon, he'd have to be a rather sweet one, or at least not as powerful as the wolf or the bear, or your trio won't make sense in terms of their weighting. The other thing that's not clear is just how much of a hybrid your animals are. I would look at werewolves obviously for your wolf; for example, Eddie, from The Howling: