Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Second idea and design for Cactus

When I looked at the last idea it just seemed like it was ticking off boxes, the objects and characters just seemed to be put there randomly there was no actual purpose of a story going together but a series of events. As well is that I didn't want to have a Wizard of Oz style film in the sense of ‘it was all a dream’. So this is my new idea to combine multiple cactuses to create a weird cactus forest.
The idea is supposed to be a bomb gone off and it has been 50 years since it's happened and everything has turned into a wasteland/Desert. And these trees are the only plant's left, they are similar to cactuses because they don't need that much water to survive and they have the spikes and the same texture as a cactus to stop predators from getting the water from them.

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