Monday, 21 February 2011

Screen shot Molly found for me

that reminded her of the maya lab scene near the end of the clip.

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  1. Hey Aidan,

    Okay - read the revised script - and I see you've found a means to better introduce the butterfly hunters; the only question that remains (and I think your story should find a way to reference it) is what is the purpose of the genetic mutations - what are they trying to achieve? Couldn't you have your character coming across some additional info (somehow) that suggests somekind of rationale?

    Also - I'd like you to refine your character design pipeline a bit more; I love the fact that you're clearly enjoying this project and you're making some moody stuff - BUT - if you go on myUCA and look under unit materials for story-telling - you'll see a host of 'how to draw characters' type stuff - and how to draw dynamic storyboards etc. - and, just as you did with the concept thumbnail sketches, I'd like to see you invest in your draughtsman skills. Obviously, it's an ongoing thing, but certainly in the design of your various characters, I'd like to see some more finesse.