Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My first idea from storyboard.

The first image is different perspectives and angles for the shots.Second image is a rough story board which is the start for the third image which is a clearer storyboar.
The story for the second storyboard is that the group of butterfly hunters have walked passed a town, and one of them sees a toy bear amongst the rubble of a beauty parlour, he then  removes his goggles and has a flashback of his family.
Unfortunately as I was discussing this with Justin and Phil they both  agreed that the use of the beauty parlour was neglected and could easily be replaced with any other object or location. So I've had to rethink my story but I'm going to keep the idea of the butterfly hunters being military styled ,the creature design  for the butterfly and the cactus design from now.     

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  1. Hey Aidan - get your film reviews on here pronto - don't post them in week 5 - get used to 'washing up as you go along' - it's honestly the only way to effectively manage your workload. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!!!