Monday, 13 December 2010

Photo shop idea's of the train

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  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hi Aidan,

    Well - the improvement in those 16:9 thumbnails is obvious, so well done for digging in and taking on new skills. I encourage you to continue with your personal quest to become a confident and very skilled 2d artist - alongside your cg proficiency. Keep it up.

    Okay - the train interior idea is good, and your previous thumbnails, which show more of the space are much better than the close crop of the seating. Without that additional information, the precise identity of the space depicted isn't clear. I know this is obvious, but just make sure you're using real-world reference imagery for the train interior; don't simply draw it generically in this sense. Also, I wonder if an empty underground train carriage might give you some additional 'menace'?

    There's something 'unheimlich' about fluorescent strip lighting, and the shapes have more interest.

    Also, in regard to the object on the seat; the doll is okay, but how about something more 'of the body'? Freud suggests that disembodied body parts have a particular power to unnerve us...

    Think of it in terms of surreal 'lost property' (I apologise for this link, but it's pretty horrible, as I think you'll agree!)

    In regard to your Unit 3 written assignment, follow this link: