Monday, 8 November 2010

second concept idea on photo shop


  1. Interim Online Review 09/11/10

    Hey Aidan

    Again, your productivity and preparedness to post your work even at the most provisional stage encourages me. There's some interesting stuff happening in your work - a highly decorative element - the ornate city, and the carvings too - I like this element of your work, and I also liked the distortions of the city. I guess the question must be this: what is your visual concept for your adaptation of The Time Machine? What are your design rules? The Time Machine - rather like Metropolis - is exciting because you have two very different cultures, which means you have to find visual ways of communicating those distinct 'tribes'. You have the advanced, clean, sophisticated Eloi, and then the Morlocks and their 'old-school' machines. I'd like to see you beginning to deal with this via your influence maps more - how can you devise two cultures, and express them through the built environment?

    In terms of your reviews - your content is fine, but they need polish and you need to watch your style - it reads sometimes as if you're 'writing as you're thinking' as opposed to writing what you've thought through. I'm asking students to now approach their reviews with all the formality and respect for academic conventions that would be expected of a written assignment. I want CG students to feel very confident and at ease with academic writing and practice, of course, makes perfect!

  2. Not sure what your essay proposal is, but see below:

    Here is a list of links back to the CGAA Group Blog, where I have recently uploaded loads of information regarding the way I want students to tackle their written assignments. As you now prepare your unit 2 assignments on production design, pay close attention to the advice given. I will be looking for clear improvement in terms of use of language, academic ‘voice’, use of conventions, argument structure and correct methods of referencing.

    Academic style/Do’s & Don’ts

    1st Person to 3rd person conversions

    Use of footnotes

    How to satisfy essay criteria/assignment presentation/hyperlink to referencing methods

    Also – be sure to check out the 2 student essays uploaded to myUCA/Space/Unit Materials – good examples of degree level written assignments. Take the time to read them.