Sunday, 10 October 2010

La Bella et la Bete review

La Bella et la Bête review
By Aidan Codd.
The whole story is based on this deep jealousy and greed shown in a number of ways . At the start of the film the sisters are all dressed up and they are only going down the road to see a friend for five minutes and Bella is dressed in rags cleaning in doors . You have the father going away but  asking what do people want when he returns,  you have the two sisters asking for big luxury items and Bella is asking for  only for a rose. When the dad returns his life is on the line for picking a rose and he is actually thinking about letting one of the daughters take his place for a sacrifice.  You have the family trying to kill the beast and steal his money and valuables once Bella returns home for her ill father . At the end of the film the brother and the brothers friend break into the beast home and try stealing the gold and valuables  and end up getting killed and the beast  transforms into a man and him and Bella  then fly off into the back ground ending the story . So its a very strange and greed influenced film and these are a few reviews I found baking my view on this.  

   Once upon a time" begins the story about a world out of balance (os goal-obtaining), largely because of the self-absorbed objective characters' (objective story thematic conflict-self-interest vs. morality) avarice and discontent. Beauty (main character) plays the Cinderella role (os prerequisite-being) in the midst of a grand family facing financial ruin. Exquisite, "even the floor wishes to become your mirror"-she nevertheless is treated as a minion (mc focus-help). Wicked sisters, a "rotter" for a brother, a careless father, and roguish suitor Avenant (os focus-pursuit) are the society she serves.
A half-ruined merchant lives in the country with his son Ludovic and his three daughters. Two of the daughters, Felicie and Adelaide, are real shrews, selfish, pretentious, evil. They exploitthe thir... read more  d daughter, Belle, as a servant. One day, the merchant gets lost in the forest and enters a strange castle. He picks up a rose for Belle and the castle's owner appear. He is a monster, half-human, half-beast, and possesses magic powers. He sentences the merchant to death, unless he give up one of his daughters. Belle sacrifices herself for her father and goes to the castle, discovering that the Beast is not so wild and inhuman as it seems.

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