Friday, 22 October 2010

The company of wolves 1984

The company of wolves 1984 By Aidan Codd.
The story was very fairytale based and theatrical ,the use of lighting gives that impression throughout the film, by showing very bright scenes and very dark scenes for the moods and events on going throughout the film. For example you see in the opening scene the dad is  returning home and you have this bright sunny day, a great view of this massive Victorian style mansion and the healthy green grass. not even five or six minutes into the film you have this hallucination and you can see this dark misty sinister looking forest symbolising the evil and unexplored mystery of every thing in this world ,that gets put into the film continuously as a symbol or reference. Also you have a sense of happy normal goings on when its bright and an atmosphere you would normally expect every day then someone would say something and the whole lighting will change, dark or it will go misty and it was that sort of effect that defines its self. from the other films which for me was the best part of the film. This is a reviews I found that back up what talking about.

The special effects in The Company of Wolves are frequently used to reinforce the mythological symbolism which drives the film, drawing the viewer into the story and relying on thick atmosphere to maintain the horror of the film's effectively unsettling tone. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
the set design and lighting is brilliant, evoking a truly gothic feel to the scenes. For example, most of the movie is based 'outdoors' (like in the woods or in the village), and yet you always get the feeling of an enclosed and somewhat foreboding environment. This feels exactly right given that the story is centred around the character of a young girl, whose world consists solely of the small and familiar surroundings of home, where the outside world is only known to her through the fantastic stories of her Grandmother

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